MANKATO, MN –  Although the Minnesota Vikings have left Verizon Vikings Training Camp in Mankato, the cities of Mankato and North Mankato are still showing their support of the promising team.

A YouTube video  debuted Friday featuring hundreds of people from around the community.  Dubbed “Kato-Wide Party,” a parodied version of the hit country song, “Parking Lot Party” by Lee Brice, the video shows community members around the place they call home, showing their support of the Minnesota Vikings.  As the song suggests, that support has manifested itself in the form of a huge Mankato-wide party.

But the video isn’t just one big party, there is somewhat of an unexpected storyline to the video.  Anyone who is familiar with the Vikings’ rivalry with the nearby “green and gold” may find some humor in the video.

Over 30 organizations, businesses and colleges are represented in “Kato-Wide Party.”  Producer Jeff Hendrix has been filming the video since the start of the Vikings’ training camp in mid-July.  Hendrix is the social media director at Radio Mankato, which was one of the leads in concept development, video production, and contribution of much of the manpower.  Visit Mankato coordinated the different organizations, people, and places to film. Minnesota State Mankato, which hosts the Vikings for training camp, also contributed to the video, including the access to training camp.

The video is just one of many, and hopefully the most widely viewed, community actions to show support of the Minnesota Vikings. For more information on Mankato’s support of the Minnesota Vikings and training camp please contact Anna Thill at Visit Mankato at 507.381.6815.

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