Radio Is Still Dominant And Growing

At recent investor sessions, Pandora has been attempting to publicly challenge the strength and growth of America’s #1 consumer reach medium – broadcast radio.
Pandora’s claims ignore the volumes of studies that rely upon actual consumer behavior that underscore why AM/FM radio should be a constant staple of the media mix. Today, broadcast radio stands alone as the leading consumer reach medium as well as the dominant source of audio usage and music discovery. Let’s take a quick look at the facts that are covered in depth in the complete article:
• Despite usage of digital platforms, Radio, American’s constant companion, remains the #1 reach medium and dominant audio entertainment medium, reaching 93% of adults weekly.
• Radio’s daily time spent listening (TSL) among Millennials has been strong and steady over the past several years.
• A recent metered Nielsen study of radio usage in the 48 PPM markets (that represent 52% of the country) revealed that AQH ratings rose +10% year-over-year among Millennials and +13% overall.
• People use streaming music sites to replace time spent with personal music collections, not their radio listening. This is proven by a steady decline in sales of CDs and downloaded music coupled with the continuing rise in artists’ revenue from streaming sites.
• Two recently published studies prove that Radio continues to be the leading source of music discovery and closest partner of the music publishing world.
Radio is personal, reliable, engaging, responsive and a direct connection to people in their local communities. Nothing can draw radio listeners away from their favorite radio stations and personalities. That is where they live, and, most importantly, where advertisers can truly connect with them.

Source: Katz Radio Group