Handgun Permits Issued in Minnesota Decline by 39 Percent in 2022

Published On: March 2nd, 20230.5 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is reporting a significant drop in the number of  handgun permits issued last year.

The B-C-A’s annual report shows Minnesota sheriffs issued 65-thousand-257 handgun carry permits in 2022.  That’s almost a 39 percent decline from the record 106-thousand-488 permits issued in 2021. Nearly 42 hundred crimes were committed by permit holders last year. More than 60 percent were D-W-I’s or other traffic offenses and just over three percent were incidents where a gun was used in furtherance of a crime.

The total number of valid permits in the state rose to over 395 thousand.

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