Radio Mankato serves the cities of Mankato, North Mankato, Saint Peter, New Ulm, and reaches regional audiences in the south suburbs of the Twin Cities to the Iowa border. We make an impact in Southern Minnesota with the following brands:

  • KTOE-AM 1420 & 102.7 FM, focused on local news and information, weather, sports, and agriculture news
  • New Country, Minnesota 93.1 KATO-FM
  • Mankato’s Hit Music, Hot 96.7 KDOG-FM
  • Classic Rock KXLP-FM 94.1 & 105.9
  • Magic 100.5 KXAC-FM
  • Mankato’s Sports Leader, the FAN KFSP-AM 1230 & 103.1 FM.
  • The Legends Live Here KRRW 101.5 FM

Despite the usage of digital platforms, Radio, American’s constant companion, remains the #1 reach medium and dominant audio entertainment medium, reaching 93% of adults weekly.

With Brandsformation – we’re storytellers.

The most compelling marketing is less about what you sell and more about the stories you tell. Stories not just about your products or services, but stories of how people experience them. When you can cause people to imagine themselves in a story you tell, you’ve linked your brand to them at a powerful and emotional level.

With BrandsFormation, we’ve been crafting stories that build great brands for more than 30 years. No matter if you’re an entrepreneurial start-up or a Fortune 500 company – the most successful companies connect and inspire consumers through great storytelling. We can help with that. In fact, we’re so confident in our system for branding and growing your business, that unlike almost any other marketing company – we tie our pay to your results.

Linder Digital uses enhanced displays to allow impressions delivered on desktops, phones, and tablets. These will be targeted toward specific demographics, specific zip codes, and audience interests.

Linder digital offers 100% native GPS positioning. This is delivered through phones & tablets using apps specifically targeting an audience in the geofenced area.

Minnesota 93
Minnesota 93KATO - FM
Format: New Country
Hot 96.7
Hot 96.7KDOG - FM
Format: Top 40
Format: Classic Rock
Format: Information Radio
Magic 100.5
Magic 100.5KXAC - FM
Format: Oldies from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.
Format: Country Classics
The Fan Mankato
The Fan MankatoKFSP - AM & FM
Format: Sports Talk

Branding For Success.

You grow business when you’re able to differentiate and overcome the competition, by being different, by

standing out.

You can do this with a blend of the following:



Who saves big money? Menards! You wouldn’t know what to think if Menards came out with a new jingle every week, because you would never remember it! They’ve used the same jingle for over 60 years. Because it works!


Ba da ba ba ba …

wouldn’t be anything if you hadn’t already heard it a thousand times. But you know what it is and where it’s from, and how to finish it. I’m lovin’ it.



One of the best ways to build your brand is telling your story in a way that the message is unforgettable.


Radio Drives Search!

When someone searches for your business name, it’s better than when they search for your business category. When they search your business name, you come out on top. This is called a branded search.

The study combined multiple technologies and discovered that RADIO DRIVES SEARCH.

On average, there’s at least 29% lift in branded search when radio ads are running.

Branded Search


Creative leaders in the industry, our staff is among the best and brightest!

Bruce McKirdy
Bruce McKirdyGeneral Manager
Brett Prescher
Brett PrescherSales Manager
Chris Painter
Chris PainterSales Executive
Deb Armstrong
Deb ArmstrongSales Executive
Billy Steiner
Billy SteinerSales Executive
Darcy Sullivan
Darcy SullivanSales Executive
Melissa Thate
Melissa ThateSales Executive
Charlie Hamman
Charlie HammanSales Executive
Ruth Turner-Wellman
Ruth Turner-WellmanSales Executive
Jeff Lang
Jeff LangSales Executive | Promotions Director | Morning Drive
Christy Foss
Christy FossSales Executive
Angela Francis
Angela FrancisSales Executive


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