Radio Mankato serves the cities of Mankato, North Mankato, Saint Peter, New Ulm, and reaches regional audiences in the south suburbs of the Twin Cities to the Iowa border. We make an impact in Southern Minnesota with the following brands.

When to use Geofencing and Targeted Display

When to use what banner ad tactic


Targeted Display

Where ads are served Mobile Apps Websites (on desktop, tablet, or mobile)
How apps and websites are chosen 22,000 of the most popular apps Top websites belonging to ComScore 1000 publishers (AAA and AA grade websites)
Devices where ads will be seen Apps on Mobile Phones & tablets All – phones, tablets, laptops, desktops
Geographic Targeting Specific businesses, addresses, & locations Zip codes & regions
Number of Geographic Targets Available Unlimited (limited only by your budget)  Unlimited (limited only by your budget)
Demographic Targeting Not available Male/Female, Age, Education, HH Income, Kids/No Kids (and more upon request for higher CPM)
Behavioral & Contextual Audience Interest Targets Not available Yes – Client chooses a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15
Retargeting Yes, for a CPM upcharge (optional) Yes (included automatically for free)
Campaign Measure Impressions Reach & frequency
Minimums 50,000 Impressions No minimum buy
Reporting Analytics Contain Maps of campaign, impressions, clicks, creative performance comparison, impressions by day, and apps the ads served to Map of campaign, impressions, clicks, engagements, view-throughs, creative performance comparison, impressions by location, impressions by day, digital lift (for +90 day campaigns), websites the ads served to, and live ad screenshots.

The combination of radio ads and Linder Digital lead to a 45% increase in brand awareness.