Radio: Vibrant & Thriving.

With so many new and exciting options, AM/FM radio remains the top audio source and reaches more people every week than any other medium. Audio is in the midst of a renaissance. New digital audio platforms like podcasts, on-demand, and streaming services, and new and emerging technology in cars and mobile devices are driving a revolution in audio.

AMERICA’s #1 Reach Medium
Radio is America’s #1 reach medium, connecting more adults 18 and older than social media or TV via smartphones, tablets, PCs or apps delivering a vast amount of content wherever and whenever listeners want it — on-air, online and on-demand.

Regardless of advances in technology, radio remains the top source for music discovery and the most used audio source in the car.

Radio: Local Everywhere.

With over 15,000 local stations across the country, radio continues to entertain, inform and serve the local communities. Radio personalities drive the emotional and personal connection that listeners have with their stations. And during times of disaster and need, radio serves as the lifeline for local communities.

RADIO informs listeners of news, traffic, weather, events — about what’s going on locally.

According to Jacobs media Techsurvey 2018, 84% of adults attribute radio’s local feel as its key advantage.


Radio: It’s Personal. It Connects.

Listeners have a unique connection with their radio station because of their favorite radio personality. They engage with the radio station personalities on the air, online and across social media. As social media influencers, radio personalities speak to the local events and occurrences of the listener’s daily life.

of radio listeners are able to name their favorite AM/FM radio DJ, personality or show.

Radio: Local & Engaging.


Say that broadcast radio personalities make them laugh.


Would follow their radio personality if they went to another station.


Say personalities on radio stations make them think.


See radio station personalities like a friend/family.

Dominating the Media.

To get results in Advertising:

Think of your advertising budget as a pitcher of water and the media you use as glasses. To get customers to “take action” from your advertising investment, you must carry them through the stages of communication (unawareness, awareness, comprehension, conviction, action, and non-action). By filling one glass, you have successfully completed these stages through that medium. Only then should you add another. How many glasses are you trying to fill? Is it a media-mix of a media mess? Is it working? Are you filling each glass (media) before you add another one?

Curve of Forgetfulness

Curve of Forgetfulness.

Ebbinghaus’s Curve of Forgetfulness. In 1885, researcher Thomas Ebbinghaus did a study on people’s ability to retain information. He’s called the results the curve of forgetfulness. They found that a person forgets 75% of what they learned in the previous week. After three weeks they forget 90%.

After 4 weeks they forget 95%. This illustration showcases the retention rate of the brain when it considers something important to the individual and ‘forgets’ information not deemed relevant. When it comes to advertising, it is crucial for the advertiser to make the message important enough to remember, and then act on it.

It Makes Sense.

Radio Drives Search!

When someone searches for your business name, it’s better than when they search for your business category. When they search your business name, you come out on top. This is called a branded search.

The study combined multiple technologies and discovered that RADIO DRIVES SEARCH.

On average, there’s at least 29% lift in branded search when radio ads are running.

We offer multiple digital solutions for you to reach as many customers as possible.

We Are Everywhere.

Radio isn’t sexy, we’re the meat and potatoes of marketing. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It does. Period.
Radio is everywhere, and you don’t even realize it. It’s on your phone, your tablet, your computer, and Alexa device. Radio is hidden everywhere but in plain sight.


Radio Reaches 90% of 18 to 49-year-old consumers.


Radio Reaches 93% of adults employed full time.


Radio Reaches 91% of all college graduations.


Radio reaches 91% of adults with $75k+ household incomes.



With over 15,000 local radio stations, radio touches every corner of the nation.

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