Jay (6a-12p)

Jay is the self-proclaimed “Morning Show Rock God” on KXLP Classic Rock, as well as “Imaging & Production Wizard” for the Radio Mankato affiliates. He does voice-over at Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Wisconsin, and other local/regional/national clients. Jay is “The Big Stick” (drummer) for the Murphy Brothers Band. He is also a musician and songwriter as the Jay Flugum Fallout. A husband, father, son and brother – Jay was raised on a family farm outside of Lake Mills, IA. His previous radio gigs include KEMB-FM, KATE-AM/KCPI-FM, KEEZ-FM. His favorite team is the Chicago Cubs and favorite band is Big Wreck. Jay’s quote is “The truth is like poetry, and most people [bleep]ing hate poetry.”

Big Daddy (12p-6p)

Big Daddy was born and raised in New Ulm, MN. He is a graduate of Brown Institute of Broadcasting. Big Daddy has worked in radio across the midwest: Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Nebraska. He worked at KXLP for about 20 years with a little break then resumed at KXLP. Currently on-air from Noon-6pm. He enjoys a wide variety of music. He claims to not have any hobbies, stating “When I’m not working on the air… I sit in a chair and stare at my lava lamp!”