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Radio News/Talk utility player needed 

We’re looking for a utility infielder hungry to improve their skills and learn more every day about several facets of the news/talk radio industry. This is an opportunity that is challenging and tough to find in a medium market.

We need a reporter/anchor with the skills to track down the news that matters to our stellar community. It’s definitely not a rip-and-read position and can’t be done from the newsroom chair. Getting out to where the news is actually happening will be a huge expectation, as will government meeting coverage and a huge number of community events.

The right candidate will also have the opportunity to host a four-hour talk shift a couple of days a week. Being able to schedule guests, choose compelling topics, and entertaining is a must.

If you got the reference in the lede line, maybe you’re a little interested in sports. There is possibly an opportunity to join our sports play-by-play team if that’s the case.

The most important skill, though, is the attitude. Team players ready to grow and learn through constructive criticism. This is a locally-owned cluster and we strive every day to keep radio fun.

The cluster is in the community with the fastest growing economy in the state. It’s a college town with not only a four-year university but also one of the top 15 community colleges in the nation. The local school district is excellent. Recreational opportunities are vast. If the nightlife is your thing, you can pick from among dozens of establishments from classy to dive.

The right candidate will have an opportunity to learn from a news director with nearly 30 years in the business, other talk hosts who have long, successful careers under their belts, and a sports staff with an equal amount of experience.

Please include a resume, mp3 of a two-minute or less newscast, a talk demo, and three writing samples to:

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