12.04.2023 – John M. Kriesel


John M. Kriesel is a Minnesota politician and former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives who represented District 57A, which includes portions of Dakota and Washington counties in the [...]

12.04.2023 – John M. Kriesel2023-12-04T14:25:31+00:00

10.24.2023 – Jeff Wersal


Sheriff Jeff Wersal grew up in law enforcement, with a father that served. From city patrol officer, to head of the River Valley Task Force, to now serving as Sheriff [...]

10.24.2023 – Jeff Wersal2023-10-24T13:34:36+00:00

10.20.2023 – Chris Hinton


Chris Hinton, a Navy Vet who served in the Gulf immediately after 9-11, came back to Minnesota to continue to serve.  Studying law enforcement, working in corrections, serving on Veterans [...]

10.20.2023 – Chris Hinton2023-10-20T15:33:25+00:00

10.09.2023 – Tim Murray


Tim Murray is a mission bigger than himself.  Working with Trinity Sober Homes https://www.trinitysoberhomes.org/ Tim is diving head first into the world of Military and Veteran Sober Homes with "Bravo [...]

10.09.2023 – Tim Murray2023-10-17T15:30:19+00:00

09.11.2023 – Dr. George Komaridis, Ph.D.


Dr. Komaridis immigrated to the United States at the age of 1yr from Greece, after growing up on the tough streets of Manhattan’s lower east side he eventually was selected [...]

09.11.2023 – Dr. George Komaridis, Ph.D.2023-09-11T13:25:11+00:00
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