Democrats win control of MN Senate, talk about possible priorities for next session

Published On: November 10th, 20220.7 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

Democrats in Tuesday’s election retained control of the Minnesota House and also won a razor-thin, one-vote majority in the state Senate, and leaders outlined likely priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Outgoing Minority Leader Melissa Lopez Franzen says:

“We’ve been hearing from Minnesotans and they have talked about choice and reproductive rights as a big issue this election, so I would think that is one of the ones.”

Saint Paul Senator Erin Murphy says:

“A number of our candidates supported and campaigned on eliminating that Social Security tax (state income tax on benefits).  They talked about rebates.  They talked about putting more money in the pockets of Minnesotans.”

Republican Senator Jeremy Miller says Republicans “will continue to fight for keeping life affordable for working Minnesotans and seniors, safer communities and support for law enforcement, and more opportunities for students.”

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