Litter Boxes in Schools? Don’t believe everything you hear

Published On: September 16th, 20221.3 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

BOLD (Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lilian) School District Superintendent Jim Menton says they are getting calls from concerned community members stemming from a prank that originated on Tik Tok.   Menton says kids try to record shocked reactions from parents or relatives when they tell them that their school is providing litter boxes for students that identify as animals.   Menton says it’s an obvious prank, but some people have taken it seriously:

“Some of the phone calls are from people that are questioning it they don’t think it’s right and they just want to make sure that it’s not happening which I respect that if you hear something that you think is crazy verify it before you pass that on as Ronald Reagan said trust but verify.”

Menton says it’s hard to believe anyone would believe such a silly notion:

“I know almost all of the schools in our area are having to deal with this absolutely ridiculous rumor and I think if anybody thinks logically about it they would realize if this were actually happening it would be making national news.”

Menton reiterates no school is providing litter boxes.

Melton says rumors circulate:

“I think that anyone who really thought about it would realize that’s not happening. But because it was maybe somebody trusting their grandkid. They hear this. They believe it. It would be fine if it ended there. But the grandparents or the people that heard the story are now telling their friends Hey, this is what my grandkids said is happening at the school.”

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