MN Senate Democrats plan vote on $1.5B bonding bill, Republicans say DOA without tax cuts

Published On: March 16th, 20231.3 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

Democrats plan to bring a 1.5-billion-dollar bonding package up for a vote in the Minnesota Senate today (Tues 11am debate start), but Stillwater Republican Karin Housley says:

“I think it’s a waste of time…because it will be dead on arrival, without any tax cuts.”

Republicans as a first step want to totally eliminate state income tax on Social Security benefits.  Governor Tim Walz has said he won’t give a tax break to wealthy Minnesotans.

But the Democrat-controlled Minnesota Senate will likely approve using 400 million dollars of the budget surplus for public works projects — and they don’t need Republican votes because it’s not borrowing.  Republican Minority Leader Mark Johnson from East Grand Forks says about that:

“The idea that they’re gonna try to bypass half of the legislature in order to get an all-cash bill done — to avoid giving tax cuts back to Minnesotans — …they should be ashamed to even bring that up.”

Democrats say tax relief for working families is a big part of their budget plan, but it must be balanced with investments for Minnesota’s future.

Republican Senator Bill Weber from Luverne warns Democrats plan big spending increases, and cannot be allowed to leave tax cuts to the end of session:

“You’re looking at a proposed increase (of) what?  11-billion dollars in the budget?  How much of that surplus is gonna be left by the end of session?”

Democrats say Republicans’ proposed tax cuts not only benefit regular Minnesotans but also the rich — who can well afford to help other people struggling under the burden of inflation.

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