Public Safety Launches Body Worn Cameras

Published On: October 17th, 20220.7 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

Public Safety will implement the use of Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) today (Monday, October 17). A person’s assignment will help determine whether or not they wear BWCs:

  • Uniformed officers on the patrol division will always be equipped with a BWC.
  • Those working undercover assignments will not because it could compromise the operation.
  • Specialty details, such as detective, administration and drug task force, may be equipped with a BWC depending upon their role.

BWCs can provide a more accurate record of police encounters, foster the improvement of police-community relations and improve the quality of evidence brought into criminal prosecutions. The cameras will also help improve transparency and accountability.

In anticipation of the launch of this technology, staff was trained on the use of BWCs and the policy. The policy was created using public feedback. BWCs were identified as a project to fund in Mankato’s Community Investment Plan.

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