State Responds to Commercial Cannabis Growers Who Say They Need to Plant Now

Published On: May 2nd, 20240.8 min readCategories: Local News, News


Photo by Michael Fischer

An amendment to the Minnesota Senate Office of Cannabis Management policy bill would allow some operators to begin growing plants as soon as this summer. Senator Lindsey Port of Burnsville says there is already a pre-approval process in the legislation:

“We have the medical cultivation rules that are moved over from the Office of Medical Cannabis. O-C-M has the tools they need to do an early cultivation process. We just need to grant them the authority to do that,” Port said.

Many cannabis advocates spoke at Tuesday’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing:

“We need plants in the ground ASAP in order for this industry to get going,” said one of them.

Applicants would need to receive pre-approval for a license before they can begin cultivation. Retail sales are expected to start sometime next year.

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