Study Shows Certain Leisure Activities Lower Risk Of Dementia

Published On: September 6th, 20220.6 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

(Minneapolis, MN)  —  A study of two-million people in 38 countries shows there are certain leisure activities that lower the risk of dementia.  The meta-analysis published in the medical journal Neurology looked at mental, physical and social activities.  The study found that mental activities such as reading, writing, doing crafts, using a computer, playing games or musical instruments and listening to radio or watching TV were associated with a 23-percent lower incidence of dementia.  Physical activities such as dancing, yoga, swimming, biking or playing sports reduced the risk by 17-percent.  Social activities including visiting friends or family, attending religious services or volunteering helped reduce dementia risk by seven-percent.  Neurology researchers say it’s clear that staying active has demonstrable benefits.

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