Violent crime jumps in MN, Republicans blame Walz failed leadership

Published On: August 15th, 20220.8 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

Republicans say just-released figures prove violent crime has skyrocketed under the failed leadership of Governor Tim Walz and Democrats, and says they’re prepared to fix it with major investments in public safety and stronger penalties for criminals.  Governor Walz says Minnesotans have every right to be angry and upset:

“As we know, the last few years are the record highs that we’ve ever seen in crime.  They should expect to see this year that stop, and starting to come down — and these folks are doing it, but they can’t do it alone.”

…Walz is talking about law enforcement.  He announced yesterday the state will maintain unprecedented law enforcement presence in the Twin Cities metro area through the Minnesota State Fair.


“We know that what went up can certainly come back down.  We’ve already seen it in certain aspects that we’re seeing, certain crimes come down, others are not yet.”

The governor says Minnesota needs partnerships and concerned citizens who are actively engaging to help fight crime.

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