Abortion, crime, economy are top issues in debate between Walz, Jensen

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The sharpest exchange in last night’s (Tues) debate between Governor Tim Walz and Republican challenger Scott Jensen came when Walz was asked, what would he have done differently during the 2020 riots? Walz said, sitting on the sidelines and critiquing isn’t what governor is:

“I’m proud of Minnesota’s response.  I’m proud of Minnesota’s first responders who were out there, from firefighters to police to the National Guard, to citizens that were out there.”

“You heard it here.  Governor Walz just told you, I am proud of Minnesota’s response.  Wow.”

“I said I was proud of the first responders.  You may not be, but I was.”

Jensen fired back the National Guard…

“Tim Walz didn’t use them when they could have restored safety, security and lawful behavior….  He made some offhanded comment about a bunch of 19-year-old cooks.”

Walz shot back President Trump’s secretary of defense…

“His assessment of this was… that Minnesota had to write the book on this:  They had to build the plane while they’re flying it.”

Abortion was the first topic Republican challenger Scott Jensen and Governor Tim Walz clashed on during last night’s (Tues) debate in Rochester.   Jensen said:

“It is not on the ballot in November.  What *is* on the ballot in November is skyrocketing inflation, crime out of control, and our kids aren’t getting the education that we think they need.  As governor, I won’t ban abortion.  I can’t.”

Walz responded the governor appoints Minnesota Supreme Court justices:

“We heard (U-S) Supreme Court justices go in front of the United States Senate and claim that there was no way Roe versus Wade would change because it was settled law.  Well, fool us once.  It’s not gonna happen here in Minnesota.”

Governor Tim Walz’s accusations got personal in last night’s (Tues) debate, when he and Republican challenger Scott Jensen were asked what they’ll do to stem the opioid epidemic.  Walz said drug manufacturers didn’t spread opioids on their own, and Jensen issued more prescriptions for them than most of his peers:

“He did that at the same time while accepting meals from the manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies — wining and dining on expensive meals.”

“I don’t disagree with Tim Walz that physicians and the health care system have contributed to the problems….  But I think the important thing is going forward, we need to stop the supply of fentanyl….  And I don’t think Tim Walz has been an advocate of tightening up the southern border.”

Republican challenger Scott Jensen said in last night’s (Tues) debate from Rochester that crime sweeping over Minnesota started with Governor Tim Walz delaying during the 2020 riots:

“He unleashed a poisonous spread of lawlessness.  Arguably, he is the godfather of the crime epidemic that has swept our country.”

Walz responded:

“We have guns on the streets that were meant for war.  We have the opportunity to do smart things, whether it be background checks or making sure we have red flag laws.”

“These shootings are happening because lawbreakers are gonna get the guns and they’re not gonna go through the system.”

Jensen and Walz each accuse the other of torpedoing a budget deal during the last legislative session that included 450 million dollars for public safety.

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