Mankato Symphony Orchestra-Bethel and Ernesto

2023-09-28T17:27:11+00:00 Bethel and Ernesto are back from Mankato Symphony Orchestra to invite you to the start of the Symphonic Series. The first concert will be September 30th at St [...]

Mankato Symphony Orchestra-Bethel and Ernesto2023-09-28T17:27:11+00:00

9.28.23 Maker Fair MN-2023-Karen Dirkx


Karen with Maker Fair MN is back! The event is happening October 14th. Listen and learn where it started and what to expect this year. Volunteers are needed still!  See [...]

9.28.23 Maker Fair MN-2023-Karen Dirkx2023-09-28T19:37:53+00:00

9.26.23 Joyce and Kim-The Master Gardeners


The Master Gardeners are back talking about putting the garden to bed, storing and using apples, forcing bulbs for Winter and fertilizing.

9.26.23 Joyce and Kim-The Master Gardeners2023-09-26T15:02:43+00:00

9.22.23-Al Batt

2023-09-25T15:17:29+00:00 Lisa calls Al today to chat about hummingbirds, bees and what is eating a listeners deck? Al Batt Website

9.22.23-Al Batt2023-09-25T15:17:29+00:00

9.21.23 The Ethical Hacker-Brad Ammerman with Mike Hedlund


The Ethical Hacker-Brad Ammerman returns with colleague Mike Hedlund.  The topic today is "breaches."  What happened in MGM with the breach of information, they talk ransoms and how to even [...]

9.21.23 The Ethical Hacker-Brad Ammerman with Mike Hedlund2023-09-21T17:34:02+00:00
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