Governor Walz Highlights State Infrastructure Plan

Published On: April 4th, 20241 min readCategories: Local News, News
Walz visits state patrol headquarters in MN

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz visits state patrol headquarters in MN.

Governor Tim Walz visited a Minneapolis Veterans Home to highlight his infrastructure plan. This comes after he visited a State Patrol office on Monday to discuss the need for a new State Patrol headquarters.

The Minneapolis Veterans Home is one of 12 homes comprised of over six dozen buildings, many of which require upgrades. The Governor’s bonding proposal calls for $12.8 million in general asset preservation and $16 million for remodeling.

“The men and women who serve our country deserve the best care our state can provide,” said Governor Walz. “This project is an important part of our ambitious effort to invest in infrastructure across our state – from clean water, to safe streets, to the facilities that serve our veterans and State Patrol.”

Walz tours Minneapolis Veterans Home

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tours a Minneapolis veterans home this week.

In addition to the Minneapolis Veterans Homes, The Governor’s bonding recommendations includes $22.5 million to update Minnesota’s State Patrol Headquarters. The State Patrol is currently spread across six locations in multiple counties, and facilities lack adequate evidence storage, secure areas, and basic space and equipment.

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