Leaving the TV on for Your Dog Probably Isn’t Doing Much

Published On: August 24th, 20220.9 min readCategories: Blogs

Do you ever leave music on for your dog to keep them company while you’re gone, or maybe put on a TV show?  Well, turns out you might just be wasting electricity . . .

A new study looked at how dogs behaved when their owners played music and audiobooks while they were gone.  And in general, it didn’t make a big difference.

If music helped, it was only a little.  And audiobooks had NO effect.

The study involved 82 different dogs.  Some sat in silence . . . some listened to Mozart . . . and others listened to the audiobook version of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

The classical music DID seem to help them settle down a little faster at first.  But that was the only real difference, and they still showed other signs of stress.

The researchers didn’t look at whether the visuals from a TV might do anything.  But they say that sound alone appears to offer, quote, “little value to dogs” dealing with short-term stress.  (Meanwhile, your cat couldn’t care less about anything, ever.)

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