Poll Shows How Many Americans Can or Cannot Keep A Houseplant Alive

Published On: August 10th, 20221 min readCategories: Blogs

There are three types of people out there:  Those who can take care of houseplants . . . those who will kill houseplants . . . and those who will kill houseplants immediately.

A new poll asked Americans if they could keep a houseplant alive for at least six months, and 33% of people are confident they could.  Another 33% said that they probably could.

10% said there’s NO CHANCE it lasts six months . . . and another 14% said it’s “not very likely.” Growing plants are really simple. Just add water, but not too much, and allow it to get sun, but not too much. You also want to make sure it has fertile soil, but not too much fertilizer. After all that, you want to find an appropriate pot that is not too big or too small and with proper drainage.

When asked if they have a “green thumb,” only 13% of people are confident that they do.  Another 22% are working at it.  59% of people don’t have a green thumb.

33% of people say they have ZERO houseplants.  29% have a few, and 17% of people have seven or more, which is quite a commitment.  4% of people couldn’t say how many houseplants they have, so they’re probably dead.

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