Rep. Luke Frederick Supports Local Economic Development Projects

Published On: March 8th, 20231.6 min readCategories: Covid-19, Featured, Latest Headlines, Local News, News

The Minnesota House passed two pieces of capital investment legislation that would deliver nearly $1.9 billion for local jobs and projects throughout the state. The package of legislation is split between a $1.5 billion bonding bill (HF 669), using General Obligation (GO) bonds, and a $393 million cash bill (HF 670) through the general fund.


The measure includes $11.5 million for the City of Mankato Water Resource Recovery Facility.

“This is the first step in securing the needed improvements to this facility, and as we navigate through the session, I will continue to push for additional funding for this and other projects in our area,” said Rep. Luke Frederick (DFL-Mankato). “I was pleased 21 of our House Republican Caucus colleagues joined House DFLers to vote ‘yes’ on the first bonding bill. Importantly, Senate Republicans must show the same level of cooperation and commitment to advance this key infrastructure bill. We can’t wait any longer. The health and safety of Mankato residents is at stake and all eyes are on the Senate.”

House File 669, the first bill taken up, focuses on taking care of existing infrastructure and leveraging federal funds that are available for certain projects. The bill also restores and protects our natural spaces, and funds critical infrastructure, such as water and transportation systems, that allow communities throughout the state to grow and thrive.

House File 670’s cash-funded projects include investments to protect communities from flooding, create safer nonmotorized transportation options, provide clean water, expand local recreational opportunities, modernize healthcare facilities, ensure safe shelter for youth, and increase educational and job training opportunities, among other things. It also includes numerous investments in BIPOC-led nonprofits that provide essential community services.

Bills that utilize GO bonds must originate in the House and require a supermajority to pass. House Fille 669 passed on a vote of 91-43. House File 670 passed on a vote 98-36. Video of today’s debate can be found on the House Public Information YouTube channel.

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