Event to be held about transportation and food insecurity at Minnesota State Mankato

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On November 17, students from Minnesota State University, Mankato will present research on the intersection between Mankato’s public transportation and food needs to raise awareness of this issue. As concerned students who are personally invested in improving public transportation for the benefit of our community, we urge the university administration and city of Mankato to adopt measures to expand our public transportation system to ensure convenient, safe access to healthy food, education, work, social activities, healthcare, and additional life-sustaining services.

Leaders at Minnesota State University, Mankato and of the City of Mankato are obligated to ensure that the needs of students and community members are met. We call upon these decision-makers to become leaders in the fight for affordable transportation and the issues it intersects with, which include food, environmental, disability, and racial justice, and public health and safety. People of color, economically disadvantaged people, disabled people, and international students are distinctly impacted by Mankato’s lack of access to public transportation and the food desert it’s causing. This problem must be addressed with extensive additions to our public transportation system.

During this event, we present a literature review on the connection between food security and public transportation, findings from our autoethnography studying the experience of obtaining groceries without a car in Mankato, an analysis of effective solutions implemented by other schools and cities, and action steps we recommend that the University and City take.

Event Information:

Public Transportation and Food Insecurity at MNSU Mankato

WHERE: Armstrong Hall Room 211 Mankato MN or on Zoom: https://rebrand.ly/FeedMNSU

WHO: Youth student-activists, professors, administrators, and community members. Speakers include Dr. Carol Glasser, Ashley Jaxel, Enettie Malangano, Ava Corey-Gruenes, Jose Felipe Ozuna, Mitchel Pomije, Kailey Van Riper, and Ashley Hoehn.

WHEN: 11 am – 12 pm

EVENT DETAILS ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE: https://hss.mnsu.edu/transportation-and-food-insecurity

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