Waterville Area Fisheries Office Hosts FISHn Meeting

Published On: March 20th, 20242.2 min readCategories: Local News, News

Several Minnesota anglers showed up in Waterville this month at the Waterville Area Fisheries Office and State Fish Hatchery for the annual FISHn meeting and 30 people streamed the meeting online.

Responses from the FISHn survey are provided below, including similar responses from the 2023 meeting. Former DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten and Garry Leaf (MN-FISH) said anglers need a voice!.

“I assure you we at DNR Waterville Area Fisheries Office and State Fish Hatchery will continue to give you every opportunity to be informed and engaged,” said Craig Soupir, Waterville Area Fisheries and Hatchery Supervisor. “The rest is up to you.  So you need to keep showing up, keep listening, keep giving input, keep contacting your DNR leadership, political leaders, and join MN-FISH.  If you do so this community will grow and I assure you will do something special, who knows maybe even something that could change Minnesota forever.”

Photo: Former DNR Commissioner Mark Holsten (MN-FISH) discussed Minnesota’s only nonprofit organization formed as two entities in order to represent the fishing interests of all Anglers, Clubs, Local Organizations and Industry

Stakeholders. We want to give you the opportunity to have a strong voice and be heard at our State Capital, where it matters most!

Photo: Jack Lauer, DNR Southern Region Fisheries Manager presents to anglers how the Get Out MORE funding passed in 2023 will benefit anglers through improving access to recreational fishing opportunities and better connecting all people to the outdoors.

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